A Dreamers Real World

Dreamers dream
And dreamers soar
For they refuse
To let anyone
Hold them back

So be a dreamer
Dream a better dream
And let that dream
Open the door
To the road
That will lead you
To the real you
The you, you were always
Meant to be
Embrace what makes
You unique
Open your mind
For yourself
Learn to think
And allow yourself
To finally be yourself
Because living as someone
Other than yourself
Not only cheats others
Of getting to know
The beautiful soul
That is within you
But also cheats yourself
Out of the very life
You were meant to live
So open your mind
Spread your wings
Let your self fly
Dream a better dream
Set yourself free
Reach for the stars
Never let them
Tell you, you shouldn't be you
Because in reality
You are perfect
Just the way you are

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