Fight To End Hate And Greed

Live as one
Fight as one
To make things
Better for everyone
One world
United by
The same needs
Of a broken society
Broken by hate
And greed
With enough love
Nowhere to be seen
Our act together
We need to be getting
While all our pointless hate
We seriously need
To start shedding
And we need to
Realize and recognize
That all this
Hate has gotten us
Is fear of what
We simply
Don't understand
Hatred of those
Who are just
Simply different

From us
And wars
Fought for
No other reasons
Than hate and greed
And if you ask me
This shit has got
To come to end
And sooner
Not later
But an end
We will
Never see
Until we start
To work together
Instead of apart
You and me
To make a better
Society a reality

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