I Am The Girl

I am the girl
Who isn't always seen
But will do
Whatever it takes
To keep a mind
That is at least
Somewhat serene
I am the girl
Who looks at the world
And for the most part
Is disgusted
By what I see
War, killing,
Hatred, and bigotry
None of which
Will ever make
A lick of sense
To me

We need to stop living
So fucking blindly
Erase the hate in our hearts
And take the blinders off

Our souls, minds, and eyes
And for once see
As clearly
As we should be seeing
I am the girl
Who knows the power
Of people who care
And for you
Are actually there
I am the girl
Who when she looks
Out at the world
Can't help but care
I am the girl
Who will always seek
Something more
More than the chaos
We know
Because what I seek
I have felt
And for myself seen
I am the girl
Who lives to seek peace

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