Respect For Human Life (Where has it Gone)

We wonder why
The world
Has gone so wrong
We live in a culture
Obsessed with guns
And we wonder
Where all the gun violence
Is coming from
No respect
For human life
No longer caring
What is wrong or right
Yet still we lie awake at night
Wondering why
We seem to care
More about keep up
With appearances
Keeping up
With the Joneses
That we are now
More pre occupied
With what we do or
Do not have in life
Than we are with
Caring or teaching
Younger generations
About the value
Of human life
A man with a gun
Takes young ones lives
And still all some gun owners
Can think about and bitch about
Is that they are afraid of losing
Their precious rights
To have guns
There has be a medium
This simply cannot
Be allowed to go one

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