Respect Must Be Earned (For It Is Not A Given)

The games
That we play
Are ultimately
All in vain
Because in reality
Can't you see
We have all become pawns
In each others games
Characters in each
Others plays
We need to stop
Playing each other
And start respecting other
I am so sick
Of turning on the news
And hearing about us
Killing each other
For one reason
Or another
And the countries
That kill its own people
Just to prove its power
Never fail to fucking
Sicken the hell out of me
When will society
Learn that Murder
And fear will
Never ever
Equal true power
If it is true power
You are after
Than may I suggest
Trying respect
Because trust me
No matter what
You believe
If it is true power
That you seek
The respectful route
Not the fear route
Is the only way to go
And believe me
My power hungry friend
That respect
Must be earned
Because respect
Is never a given

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