Not Going to Take It Anymore

Behind the fear they stand
The bullies
Who torture others
In fear of falling
In social status
Weak and pathetic
They think they're strong
But trust me friends
They're really not
Hiding behind the fear
Of those they torture
They're power
Is but an illusion
That is protected
By far too many
But imagine how quickly
They would fall
If all their victims
Against them
Did stand tall
No one has the right
To tell you who to be
No matter what others say
Or claim to see
When they look at you
You are strong
And and worth fighting for
And it is about time every bully
On the planet
Knew that
Before they were
Allowed to bully you further
So stand strong
Stand as one
And let them know
Once and for all
Your not going to
Take it anymore

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