This Girl

Living in the shadows
Soul growing cold
All this girl wants
Is to be seen
By those who
Surround her constantly
She is tortured
But never truly
Ever seen
She is alone
All around
By people who
Just want to bring her down
She feels alone
Although people surround
Those people
Only see
The truth they
They want to see
They see the her
They want
Her to be
To torture her constantly
Of it they think nothing
Then one night
This little girl
Who can no longer stand
Her world
Decides to end it all
And she wipes one
Last tear
From her eye
As she does commit suicide
No one
Until then
Ever saw her
Or gave a damn
And you know this
Is just not right
This girl could be
Yes anybody
And it is up to
You and me
To make sure
This never again
Becomes a reality
When you see bullying happening
Don't just stand by
And shake your head
Speak up
And do something about it
Or next time
This girl could
Very well be
Your sister
Or your best friend

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