Stand Up To Bullying

Is it right
To do what's expected
In a deeply corrupted
Society in which
Far too many
Go unheard
And unseen
Just because they
Choose to see things
Differently than you and me
Is it right
That those people
Often fall victim
To bullying
And sometimes
Because of that bullying
End up dying
Just to set
Themselves free
Is it right
That only then
Is it that they are seen
And heard
By the very world
That diminished their worth
To the point of suicide
Is it right
That we don't
Take the time
To stand up
For their rights
We need to
Be honest about
Who we are inside
Set our own minds
And souls free
And stand up for those
Who see things differently
Bullying can be deadly
But it doesn't have to be
Together as a society
You and me
Yes we can do something
Up more we can be standing
To the epidemic of bullying
And maybe then instead of losing
Lives we will finally start saving

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