I've Had Enough Have you? (Another West Memphis Three poem)

West Memphis Three

The West Memphis Three
Think about it this way
It could have easily
Been you or me
And if you ask me
I have had it up to here
With a society
That allows so much corruption
To run it's so called justice system
Fabricated lies
Broken lives
Glorified witch hunts
Let me tell you
I have had enough
And against this
Kind of injustice
I will forever stand
Children being sentenced
Without a chance
To a life of nothing but hell
In a cell
Where they don't even belong
And for that child's friend
An innocent man
A different fate they did hand
Yes to death row
An innocent man don't you know
They did willfully send
And the same thing happens
Around the country
Another day
Another innocent victim
Of a fucked up system
And of this
Udder bullshit
I have had enough
Have you?

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