A Message To Those In Society (Who Do Nothing But Corrupt Humanity)

Those in society
Who do nothing but
Corrupt humanity
Please tell me
How can you sleep
Knowing how much
Pain you bring
Because of your shit
And endless witch hunts
I have had enough
And the time has come
To give it up
Before any farther
Society does sink
You have brought us
To the brink
Of pure insanity
And you think
You have the right
To play with
Peoples lives tonight
Let me tell you
What you don't want
To see about you
You are nothing
But an empty soul
Desperately trying to take control
Of your world that is so cold
Not realizing it's all your fault
Clawing at nothing
As you fall
Finally sinking your claws
Into someone else's soul
Thinking you finally
You have control
Not even realizing
There is still no one there
Who cares
Enough to catch you
When you fall

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