My Fellow Insignificant Speck (The Time Has Come To Stand Up)

In a universe
In which we
Feel nothing short
Of an insignificant speck
And are just trying to be heard
It is so easy
To feel lost
In this world
So obsessed with
Not only mortal sin
But capitalizing on it
While the blame passing it
From one seemingly
Insignificant speck
To another
Without taking the
Time to bother
To see the impact
That has on society
But trust me my friends
Our worth
The worth of every
Single one of us
Has no end
And to the world
This message
I do send
We are all here for a reason
Yes we are here for a purpose
And it is time
For us insignificant specks
Our dreams no longer
Shall we neglect
We need to demand
Our share of respect
And as for our dreams
Expect nothing less
Than achieving them

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