Society Is Like A Deck Of Cards

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Society is like a deck of cards
Some people are kings, some are queens
Some are jacks and spades you see
But no matter how different
We may be
That deck of cards
Does not work
Without every
Single one of us
You and me
Just like humanity
Can't you see
Falls apart
If we just live in greed
If we continue to hate
And refuse to learn,
To tolerate,
And accept others
For who they are
Then life like the
Deck of cards
Does not work
And because of it
All our hate
Keeps killing innocents
Day after day
And I can't help but ask
Why do we live this way
We need to learn to free our minds
So that we can see who people
Truly are on the inside
We need to accept ourselves
To accept others
And in the process
Learn from each other
If we are ever
To turn around this hell

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