Society Needs To Help And See (Those living And Dying On The streets)

There is strength in unity
And harmony
In a society
That works
Hand in hand
For the greater good
Of everybody
Nothing good
Ever comes from greed
And all conformity
Will ever be
Is nothing more
Than a social disease
That will only bring
Pain and never peace
Open your mind
And let your eyes
See the reality
Of the society
In which it is living
Learn to read
Instead of just seeing
The misleading
Cover you are judging
Hear the cries
Of those who live their lives
Just to be seen
By someone anybody
In a society
That has all but written them off
As the shame of society
Remember no child
Deserves to die hungry
In a home
Or on the street
They deserve to be seen
And so do their families
Just remember that
The next time
Your brother or sister
You are ignoring
Instead of taking the time
To be saving

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