Do You Really Believe

Do you really believe
In what you say
You believe
Do you really believe
In the peace
You claim to seek
Is it really
You or society
You are trying to deceive
Do you really care
That life's unfair
Do you really care about those
Who die night after night
Starving out in the cold
Those who say
They care about
People everyday
But still unjustly hate
In my opinion
Are just kidding
Themselves into thinking
They are an actually good person
But anyone who sees
Only the differences of those
Around them
And uses those differences against them
In my book are not good people
You want to be a good person
Then try accepting others
For once
And being their for
Your brothners and sisters
Because in this thing called life
Please keep this in mind
We are stronger
When we stand together
But weaker
When we fight each other
Just keep that in mind
The next time
You are trying to decide
Whether to reach out
To your brother or sister

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