I Choose To Stand (For My Fellow Man)

I choose to stand
For those who can't make
Their own stand
And with all of my soul
To give a voice
To those who don't
Even have the choice
To speak up for themselves
Of people there are millions
If not billions
Living on the streets
Dying from poverty
Yet most of them
We just don't see
And my friends
This shouldn't be
Is only as strong
As it's weakest link
Yet we choose to live blindly
While so many die hungry
And I just can't see
Why so many
Choose to let this be
No offense
To those who are religious
But handing out bibles
To those living in poverty
Won't keep them from dying
Of being hungry
These people we
Oh so desperately
Need to finally see
And give them the help
They truly need
If we are to find
Even a glimmer of the peace
We claim to seek

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