I Choose To Stand (Against The Death Penalty)


You know this shit
Just aint right
Yet you have it in your mind
That you have the right
To your own morals
How can you be so blind
And eye for an eye
Has made far
Too many blind
Killing who you believe
To be guilty
Won't change
A fucking thing
While another
Possibly innocent person
Dies tonight
For every person
Who you know
For a fact did it
There are possibly
Twice as many
Who are innocent
But are paying for it
Please tell me how
This could ever be right
And to those
Who are family
To the wrongfully
And unjustly executed
What is it exactly
Do you say
To justify
That because of you
Their loved one isn't here today
All for something
He didn't even do
But you don't think
About that do you
Well maybe for
The the greater good
You should
Because not everyone
Who is guilty in your eyes
And because of your judgement dies
Is guilty
And for those
Who are wrongfully executed
And for those innocent souls
Waiting to die
For something they didn't do
I choose to give a voice
If for no other reason
Than it is the right thing to do

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