You Think You know Me (Do You Even Know You)

You think you know
Who I am don't you
But do you
Even know you
Do you know
The you society sees
Or do you live
Oh so blindly
That even the
Truth of you
You can't see
Maybe an open mind
Will help you
Find a different view
You are not like me
And I am not like you
But to tell you
The Gods honest truth
Why would I want to
Be anything like you
When all you do
Is look at people
Who are different from you
Like they are below you
I am glad I'm not like you
I enjoy seeing the truth
Of a person
Reading the book
Instead of just
Focusing on the cover
I would rather accept others
Than going around judging
Random people
Based on what makes them different
Because what makes them different
Makes them brilliant
And it is about time
We all saw it that way

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