How Far We Have Drifted

Twinkle twinkle little star
Oh how I wonder
Where we are
It's so sad
To know how
We have drifted oh so far
From who we truly are
Supposed to be
We are so blinded
We just can't see
Exactly how deep
It is, this rut we live in
So lost in sin
Tell me when
Will our healing begin
We as a society
Our blinders we need
To remove so that we
Can finally learn to see
'And to read
What beneath the cover
We have until now
Refused to see
We need to judge not
Based on race or religion
But rather on the truth
That lies within
We also need to stop judging
The many
Based on the sins
Of the few
A few bad apples
Don't speak for the beliefs
Of the many
Can't you see
Most of that many
Want the same thing
As you and me
The very peace
We all claim to seek

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