The American Dream

Verse 1

The money we make
Will soon make us
Why can't our dear country
Just wake up and see
The truth of the American dream
The great American scheme
That only breeds more and more greed

Verse 2

Competition and money
Makes us so greedy
Society is power hungry
Our country seems so cocky
We are the best or so we think
But can't you see
The truth of our American dreams


Money and power
Domination over others
Always being the best
Putting others to the test
Stepping on people
Can't you see
These are our American dreams

Verse 3

We always want more money
And it seems
The more we get
The more we need
We are never satisfied
And we get lost in our lies
These are the days of our lives


Verse 4

We fight our way to the top
And never appreciate what we've got
Most of us have a lot
But we don't care
Nothing ever seems fair
Sanity is found nowhere
It is almost too much to bear


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wrote this just after the war in Iraq started when I was 18.

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