Hate Is Only Deadly If We Let It Be

Hate is a powerful force
It can kill millions
And never show remorse
And yet so many
Think it is right
To live their lives
In so much hate
It kills me that
We would choose
To live this way
They would rather hate
Than try to relate
To those they think
Are oh so different
From them
We are all human
We all breath, eat,
Feel, and bleed
And I wish society
Would finally see
It is not what makes us
Different that makes us wrong
But the fact that we
Would rather live
The same old song
Instead of finally
Seeing and accepting
Those all around you and me
Who to us have much to teach
Acceptance is only
Out of reach
If you let it be
So your true self
Stand up and show it
And never be afraid to own it
It is your soul
So be proud of it
And through who you are
Teach the world
To live their lives free
And to be proud
Of the person they
Are meant to be

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