Choice Is Yours

Random Favorites

Blood may make you related
But make no mistake about it
Loyalty is and what will always be
What makes you family
Can't you see
You are what society
Does see
So as a part of
A society
That has yet
To learn to read
Take it from me
Be the peace
And the change you
Yearn to see
And please understand
That by working
Hand in hand
And against hate
Daring to stand
Will be the only way
To not only see
That very change we seek
But will be the only way
To ever make that change
Now and forever stay
So what do you say
Will you change your hateful ways
Stop living in so much hate
Learn to tolerate
And love will you finally embrace
Or will you keep on
Living the the only
You have ever known
And become another
Statistic of hate

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