The Truth That Is Me

My normal
May not be yours
But if you saw my soul
You would be floored
By the insecurities
And unselfish dreams
You did see
That lie within me
Buried so deep
I just wish you could see
What it is to be me
To everyday see
The tragedies
Shown on the tv
And to feel like
Your drowning
In a see of grief
Just wishing you could help and reach
The people you don't know
But you do see
Always suffering
Each day on the tv
Always waiting
And wishing
That I could
Help every soul
I have seen
In that damned footage
Always suffering
For a helping hand
Always reaching
But a sense of peace
Never feeling
Into my mind
And heart always creeping
While my soul they are haunting
While I live each day
Wishing I could find
A way to for them
Be helping
In the mean time
Every night dreaming
That one day peace
They will finally see

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