Empty Promises

Darkness Within

Empty promises
Silent voices
Tortured souls
Those trying to
Take and keep control
Of our very souls
Don't you know
This is the world
In which we live
Forget and forgive
Live and let live
Have given way
To a world of sin
We are so lost
We know not what we've done
Let alone where to begin
Changing the same old
Self destructive song
And finding a new one
That will allow
Peace to come
And cleanse
Societies kingdom
That has fallen so far
It no longer knows
Where or who
We are
We need to realize
If we keep living so blind
And keep going this way
Then bleak and far too soon
Will be our final day
We need to erase this hate
And learn to tolerate
Learn from each other
Hand in hand
We must stand
For our children's children
To have a chance

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