Tortured Soul With Innocent Eyes (Damien Echols)

West Memphis Three

The innocence
In his eyes
Powerful enough
To make you cry
Tortured soul
With haunting eyes
Always wondering why
Why was he condemned to die
All for hate
That was misplaced
And fabricated lies
He grew up a victim
Of a society
That never really saw him
And was blind
To the good person
He was inside
Then tragedy struck
And he was fucked
By a society
In which he didn't fit in
And who was all too willing
To condemn him
All for a sin
He didn't commit
Odds stacked against him
He just couldn't win
And in the end
He was seen as guilty
In far too many eyes
And as a result
The poor guy
Was condemned to die
All while asking why oh why
Why can't they just see
Who I am inside
But thankfully
As if out of a dream
He is finally
Alive and free
And while the memories
May haunt his dreams
At least today
He gets to say

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