Insanity (Why Do We Let It Be)

The world is full
Of people who look
But never ever see
Who judge the cover
But never learn to read
Who may dream
But never truly believe
In whatever it is they dream
People who claim to care
But are never really there
For the people they claim
To see life treating unfair
This just makes no sense to me
If we know we live in a corrupt society
Then why to we just continue
To live seemingly
Nothing short of blindly
And just let it be
Is it just me
Or are we as a society
Really living
In nothing short of insanity
Fighting for peace
But fighting in greed
And still wondering
Why that peace
We never seem to see
This just seems
Insane to me
Yet we continue
To let this be
If we never open our minds
How can we ever see what's right
If we never open our hearts
How can we ever see
Who people really are
Why society
Please just tell me
Why we keep insisting
On just letting
This insanity be

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