The Weak vs. The Strong

There are people in the world
Who no matter who you are
Will try to destroy you
Control and end you
But strong are not those
Who give into to those
Who live with their minds closed
Strong are those
While dealing with people like those
Are making sure
The world knows
Exactly who they are
And un impressed they are
With those who live with minds closed
And have drifted so far
They no longer care where they even are
The weak conform, give in
And succumb to sin
Because of people who convince them
It is the only way to win
In this game called life
But strong are those
Who see through the lies
That lie behind those heathens eyes
They free their own minds
Refuse to live blind
Embrace who they are inside
And who they really are
Let themselves decide
Instead of letting the blind
Tell them what is right

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