One Year Free (But Still Considered Guilty By Far Too Many)

West Memphis Three

The WM3
A year a go
Finally set free
But the truth
Of who is responsible really
Remains yet a mystery
18 years of hell
All for someone
Who isn't man enough
To man up
And take responsibility
The whole thing just makes me
Sick and seems insane to me
18 years so many victims
3 little boys
And the families that miss them
The families of the wrongfully
Accused to never stopped fighting
The baby boy whose father
Ended up on death row
For a crime of which
He didn't do
And of which
That boy never should
Have had to know
One year gone
Still Arkansas
Its the same song
When will you admit
You had it wrong
And look for
The true guilty one
Instead of trying
To sell the same old song
About them being the guilty ones
We all know is just so wrong

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