Finally Ready To Set Myself Free

Never seen
Never heard
Living in a fucked up world
That wasn't meant for
You or me
Growing up in an insanity
That tried to control me
Always talking about me
But mother fucker
You never even knew me
For attention everyday fighting
Did you ever see me
Always wondering
What it will take
For you to hear me
Did you even care
Life was already unfair
Just looking for someone
To be there
For someone to care
Grew up feeling
Like I belong no where
And I'm not really sure
If there is anything
I wouldn't have given
To have even one friend
But in the end
I finally learned
That you were toxic
You were bad for me
And I am so happy
I never fit in
With any of you
Because not a damn thing you do
Is good and all you ever do
Is hurt those like me
But now I am going to embrace being unique
And finally from you
Set myself free

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