Wake Up Call

The fight for peace
Cannot be won with greed
Hate or hypocrisy
Those things are the reasons
The world lives in so much insanity
An eye for an eye
Has left us all blind
Tell me is this why
It is always the blind
Leading the blind
We see the cover but know
Not how to read
We judge the outside
But the beautiful inside
We just don't see
And this all just seems
So wrong to me
We claim to want a better society
But how can that be
When we all seem buried
Under our own hate
And hypocrisy
So many people dying
On the street
We say we care
Then just let it be
As if to say "Hell I'm just glad it's not me"
If we do not change
Our selfish ways
Then my dear society
Our fates will be bleak
And it will be our own damn fault
Yes the fault will fall on you and me

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