Take A Hint

Random Favorites

Can the world please take a hint
And tell me exactly
What it is we expect to get
Living in so much hate
When will we finally
Learn that instead of hate
We should educate
And learn to tolerate
Education and tolerance
Are the keys
To a better society
And the only way
To find that peace
We claim to seek
But somehow always
Manage to fight for in greed
So many people in need
Yet so many pretend they don't see
This insanity
Just makes no sense to me
How can we be too blind to see
Those who are truly in need
While we just go around complaining
About our own lives
All while there are so many people
On the streets that are dying
Society please just take a hint
The insanity in the world
Is what you get
When you refuse to give
A damn about the lives
Of those who are dying just to live

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