Love More Hate Less

Love more
Hate less
This is the message
We need to send
And this rift in society
We so desperately
Need to mend
In my opinion
Hate is a wasted emotion
Meant to scar and leave others broken
While in the silence
Their thoughts go unspoken
Why would your energy you waste
Living in hate
When you can learn from
And tolerate
We need to turn around this hate
And we need to do it today
For too long we have lived this way
And if soon we don't change
Our hateful ways
Then I fear bleak will be our fate
But it doesn't have to be that way
We need to realize we are all in this together
And what makes us different, forever
Makes us the same
And that we need to change
Not just for our sake
But for our future children to come
We need to stop making excuses
For there are things
That can be done
So that this hate
We finally overcome
Hate less
Love more
Make this life
Worth living for
Remember your true self
Never fail to show
And who you are forever own

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