I Am Who I Am

I am who I am
And I ask not for you to like me
But I do ask that you accept me
And see me for who I really am
For the rights and freedom
Of others I will always stand
For those who can’t
For themselves stand
I will always
Do what I can
No judgement
Against those
Who are different
Shall I ever pass
So judge me as you will
Care I never will
Because of your shit
I have had my fill
You judge so many others
Without even trying to
Them to get to know
And believe me my friend
It does show
I speak for those
You just don’t care enough to see
All while the peace you seek
You wonder why you never see
Peace only comes to thee
Who instead of just the cover they see
Actually learn how to read
All you like it you can hide
But behind those
So called confident eyes
Scream the lies
Your eyes do hide
So go ahead and hide
Behind the lies
Your eyes are failing to hide
While in myself
I will take pride

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