Who We Are

We are who we are
Does it really matter how
It is that we
Ever got this far
Day after day
War after war
Remind me again
What it is we're fighting for
Tell me darling
Do we even know anymore
Playing life like it's nothing
But a fucking game
Like the world is just
One big bloody stage
And all we ever are
Are pawns in a deadly game
Played within an insane play
Out of which there seems
To be no real way
Hiding the truth
Of the real you
Behind lying eyes
And to your disguise
You hope we never get wise
Please can you tell me why
We feel like
We even have to live this life
And feel we have to hide
Who it is that lies
Right behind our eyes
For who we are
On the inside
We should take pride
And let ourselves shine
When you look at me
Who do you see
Do you see the individuality
That is proudly me
Or do you see the me
You want me to be
The me who is lost
Within a world
Of narrow minded conformity
Please just listen top me
Let me tell you something
I would rather be unique
Than give into the me
That is victim of your conformity

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