Beware Of The World

Darkness Within

Dreamers Believers
Beware of the world
That will defer your dreams
And take control
Of your soul
For mercy to you
Society will never show
But sill forward you must go
They will try to get you
On their level
But be weary my friends
For their level
Is nothing but trouble
They will make you feel alone
And question everything you've known
But please my dreamers
Always know
That none of you
Are ever alone
And in who you are
Always have faith
Because for a reason
You were born this way
And with your heart
Never let them play
Like a game
Life they like to play
But the world is your stage
And who your are do embrace
Stand up and be proud
Yes do shout it out loud
You are who you are meant
To be this day
And your individuality
Never let them take

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