Will We

People teaching
But no one learning
People fighting
And no one winning
People sinning
No one saving
The lies so many selling
Far too many of us are buying
People acting
But not caring
Of this shit
My soul grows weary
Will we ever see
The truth clearly
I look at the world
Around me
And I see
All the hate and fighting
Oh can’t you see
We are our own
Worst enemy
Fighting for peace
But only in greed
Why do we just
Let this be
Will beyond the cover
We ever learn to read
Will we ever open our eyes
And learn to see
Will we ever free our minds
And let our souls breathe
Will we ever see
Beyond what to us
Others teach
Will we ever
For ourselves think
Will we ever care
That nothing is fair
For each other
Will we ever be there
Will we ever
Set ourselves free
Can you tell me
Will we?

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