The Answer (Lies Within You And Me)

Welcome to the society
Of broken dreams
Where nothing is
Ever as it seems
Fighting for peace
But only in greed
Then questioning
Why that peace
We never seem to see
This world just makes
No sense to me
In their own silence
The dreamers drowning
While for power they are not needing
So many politicians are still fighting
While the light of humanity
Just keeps on fading
People talking but no one listening
People looking but never seeing
Day after day in the streets
So many people always suffering
And in the silence quietly dying
But still attention no one really paying
And yet the question we keep asking
Why is it the world is dying
The hungry far too few are feeding
The homeless no one seems
To be sheltering
Yet we are too blind to see
The problem lies in you and me
Each other we are too busy blaming
While our minds are too blind to see
That the problem and solution
Is in the mirror back at us staring

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