One Love Society

One love society
Is of what I dream
But can only be
If we actually
Believe in the peace
We all claim to seek
Instead of seeing the problems
And ignoring each other
We need to reach out
And help each other
Because we are all in this together
Brothers and sisters
Of the only racer that will ever matter
The human race
And for our own sakes
We need to rid ourselves
Of the constraints
That make us too blind
To tolerate and appreciate
What each other
Has to teach each other
Instead of the cover we see
We need to learn to read
Open our minds
And set ourselves free
We are at each others mercy
Yet mercy we rarely see
The magic that surrounds society
Is growing weak
As our futures grow bleak
But that way it doesn't
Have to be
We can save humanity
If in ourselves we just believe
Open our minds
And for ourselves think
As for me I will always believe
That someday someway
We will all see
A one love society
That stands not just for the few
But for the hopes and dreams of the many

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