18 Years

West Memphis Three

18 years on the inside
Yet the innocence in their eyes
I simply cannot deny
I know in my heart
They did not commit
This hideous crime
Yet it makes my very soul cry
To know how many to this truth
Are still just oh so blind
Still after all that was said and done
I know I can’t be the only one
Who is proud of the fact
That through it all
They never managed to fully fall
And walk away from it all
With their heads held high
And still standing tall
Beaten but never broken
And their true story
No longer unspoken
And kudos to those
Who have always been so bold
To go against what about them
They have been told
To stand up for what they knew was right
And what a miraculous sight
The day they walked free
A sight so many
Fought so hard to see
To those who are nons
Around I hope you one day come
And finally see the truth about them
Until then you know there is nothing
That can be done
To ever make us stop supporting them

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