Innocent Eyes (Another WM3 Poem)

West Memphis Three

Our dear West Memphis 3
It does sadden me
To know so many
Still think they are guilty
Beyond the hate
That controls your mind
Please tell me why
You just can't see
The innocence behind their eyes
Can you please tell me
Why can't you see
You call it a system of justice
But there was nothing just
About any of this
A modern day witch hunt
Full of nothing but
Fabricated stories and lies
The whole thing just
Makes me want to cry
Though I ‘m not really sure
Who more for
The hunters or the hunted
The innocence you took with no remorse
Or you who are so blind
You can’t even grasp what’s true anymore
To those of you who still think their guilty
Please let go of the hate that blinds you
And allow yourself to see
The truth that lies
Behind their innocent eyes

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