Just like Me

Living with eyes wide open
Doesn't mean a thing
When you are living
With a mind that's shut
Of this shit you know
I've had just about enough
There is a little freak in all of us
So look deep inside find it
And embrace your uniqueness
Even those who about being normal
Seem to stress
Yes even you are one of us
We are all different
And it's about time we embrace it
You may laugh at me
Because I'm different
But I pity you
Because you can't see
That you are different
Just like me
What makes us different
Makes us the same
It also makes us beautiful
And our own inner beauty
We need to finally see
As well as the beauty of those
Around you and me
Instead of our own insanity
We need to believe
In the peace
We claim to seek
And remember please
You are all different
Just like me

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