For Yourself Please Forever Think

Life is too short
To hate others
For their beliefs
We all have the right
To believe what we believe
But hating without knowing
And judging without seeing
Just makes no sense to me
We all claim to know what's right
And because of this we try to justify
When we go and fight
But is it right
That we fight
Or should we love
And show the light
The light of life
Just grows so dim
While we are all just lost
In the very sin
We claim to be against
What's the point
Of living with wide open eyes
If your mind remains blind
If you judge a book by it's cover
But it's cover you never
Even look under
Then the book do you really see
Or do you still need to learn to read
Judging people
Based on their labels
Is nothing more
Than giving into the fables
Courteously given to thee
By a blind society
So for yourself please
Do forever think
Open your mind
And set your soul free

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