The freedom Of Those Who Dare To Dream

The universe
Does believe
In those who are daring
Enough to dream
In a world hell bent on conformity
It's the uniqueness of those
Who believe in the world
Of which they dream
That gives hope to a society
That is drowning
In its own insanity
What we see
You somehow can't see
While you live your life so blindly
For us you say your sorry
While living your fake life
Controlled by conformity
But it us who for you are sorry
Because while you live so blindly
As a victim of an ill informed society
Who believe living in conformity
We all should be
It is we who live freely
Enjoying our own individuality
And for that we will never be sorry
Because we are the ones
Where hope does come from
And to the world our
True selves we will gladly show
Because a world without art is
Nothing we ever want to see
While conformity to us
Will never ever be anything
More than a social disease
That rid of the world does need
Individuality yes you see
Is the key
To finally setting society free
And art is the triumph of a lost soul
That has finally found a home
So your inner artist do show
And embrace the person
You know you should be
Celebrate your individuality
And for a better society
Please never forget to dream

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