The Dreamers Of The World

The dreamers of the world
See the world for what it is
And never give in
To societies bullshit
While always believing
That some day we will save it
In the worlds magic
We do believe
And we see the peace
You all claim to seek
But seek only in greed
Greedily seeking
So called peace
While letting so many
People even families
Live out on the street
Are we really
The only ones who see
The danger of lies you bring
Caring so much more
About yourselves
Has landed everyone in hell
And yet you never ever learn
That instead of each other burn
You should accept others
And finally learn
Because what makes us different
Makes us beautiful
Of all your bullshit
We are full
You need to open your eyes
Free your mind
And let your soul fly
Then and only then
You will finally know what it is
To believe and dream
Can't you see
That peace you have
Always claimed to seek
Can only be
If we all open our eyes
And set our minds free

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