The Quiet Ones

The quiet ones
Who are never heard
And are always burned
They are the ones
Whose right to be heard
Have been truly earned
We see you all
With silent eyes
That watches when you fall
You may think
That we don't see
But yes do see it all
We hear it all
We see it all
And take it all in
All the insanity and sin
Society seems to live in
We watch silently
Just patiently waiting
For our time to shine
We believe in magic and dreams
We believe in the peace
You claim to seek
And our minds we
Have already set free
Yet still most of us
Are mostly unseen
For those who us do see
Look at us with pity
But don't pity us
For we know who we are
And we pity you
Because from the you that is real
You have strayed oh so far

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