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You say you have the right
To go and play god night after night
Deciding who lives or dies
While people go along with it so blind
An eye for an eye
Just makes our who world blind
Yet still no one asks why
Between the death penalty
And societies tyranny
Over itself
No wonder the world
Is so full of insanity
And yet even when people
Dare to ask why
All they get are lies
From those who are blind
While leading the blind
For those who believe
In the death penalty
All I have to say is not on my hands
It is state sanctioned murder
Do I really have to explain further
And as for society
How much more insanity
Do we have to weather
Before finally know better
How many times must each other we burn
Before we finally learn
We need to finally realize
That none of this shit
Has ever been
And never will be right
Yes society we can free
But first we must free the minds
Of you and me

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