Damien Echols

West Memphis Three

Damien Echols
A man a lot like me
Goth, magick 
And art driven

Loves Halloween
Grew up misunderstood
So many somehow
In him failed to see the good
Then one day came tragedy
And for that tragedy yes oh so wrongfully
Damien and two others were blamed
And for this the state of Arkansas should be ashamed
Because through a forced false confession
Fabricated stories and lies
The state did convict
The 3 wrong guys
The other two guys got life
But not dear Damien
No the state told him
They were to take away his life
Yes it was the death penalty for him
This story is just so wrong it's a sin
So on death row
Don't you know
They tortured him, beat him
Shackled him and made him bleed
His greatest rock was his beautiful wife Lorri
Who he could only see in his dreams
But after 18 years a miracle we finally did see
It took a bullshit plea
But our beautiful West Memphis 3 yes Damien was free
However his innocence the state still refuses to see
It just makes no sense to me
But at least at night now better I can sleep
Knowing he is finally free

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