You Think Your Perfect

You think your perfect
You think your right
But I am calling
You out tonight
And there is nothing
You can do to hide the truth
Behind your eyes
I'm sick of falling
For all your lies
You think you have the right
But you better realize
The only opinion
About me that matters
Is and always will be mine
You are nothing but the blind
Leading the blind
And in time
They will see whose right
You live your life
Like you have the right
To tell others who to be tonight
But I see through your fake shit alright
You need to come clean
You are not who you claim to be
You are a fake personality
Another victim of a conformist society
And you mock those
Who live their lives
For creativity and individuality
You say your sorry for us
But we are sorry for you
Because we would rather be dead
Than live as fake as you

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