Through The Eyes Of A Weary Soul

Violence begets violence
Lost in a silence
That is broken
By the defiance
Of a weary soul
That has grown
Tired of a world that's cold
Dreaming of a peace unknown
While to each other
Mercy we have never shown
We claim to fight for peace
As if we actually
Know what that word means
All the while still fighting in greed
While falling for the lies
Politicians bring
And all the media schemes
We all seem to eat
Up like its candy
And yet we wonder
Why the world seems so crazy
But blind is our society
If we really think
Any of this insanity
Is what we really need
Acceptance and tolerance
Will get us more places than hatred
Lies or the media schemes
From which we seem to feed
Ourselves we must first free
If we are ever to free society

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