When I Look In The mirror

When I look in the mirror
Who do I see
Do I see me
Or the me
Others want me to be
I gaze at the girl
Gazing back at me
I see her pain
And feel her fear that
Tomorrow her past
May once again appear
And what to do
She will not know
Should she let it show
Or just let it go
It just seems to much
For her to imagine
But even then I feel her passion
The passion that inside her grows
To a point not a person knows
I see the pain in her heart
That inspires her undying desire
To put out the flames
And quell the fire
That lives behind
Her lonely eyes
That look at us
As if to ask
Why God why
Why do we think
We have the right
To torture others
And keep our true feelings
Locked up inside
But even behind those captive eyes
She wonders how we can be so blind
As to follow the those out of their mind
Believe their right and take their side
She does however know
That the more our individuality we show
The closer we are
To ridding the world
Of the weak minded blind forever more

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