Please Tell Me (What It Is I exsist For)

Familiar faces
Bringing bad memories
And nothing more
Please tell me
What it is
I exist for
Day after day
I observe the poor
Wishing that I could do more
To give them a life worth living for
Another show down
What are we fighting for
20 years of rage
May be building in my brain
But even I know to stand down
While still no rhyme or reason
Is yet to be found
And in the end
I burn the competition to the ground
But hey that is what we get in the public eye
Instead of an honest guy
We get someone who
Wants us to be their puppet
But I will never be a puppet
Or let those I grew up with
Control me evermore
For once in my life
I am stronger than the strife
And happy to stand up
For what is right

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